Path of Exile mining techniques and fossil formulation methods
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Three strategies for mining:

1: I want to dig down 1500 layers to make sure that the power is forced to go.

2: The shallow horizontal development, low fuel consumption in the level of 69 ~ 70 or so, the cost of a few is 0, how much is earned. Source of oil: Brush T8 cloaked tomb collar Brush Tuonong The Doctor, T8 oil is enough to dig around 69~70 for a long time. The shallow brightness and dark resistance are very good, the monster thief is weak, and the path to find all kinds of fossils is like a stroll, the original, the ether, the colorful stone money, the holy and the gold is the money, the big money looks at the face. 3:83 or so, 270~300 horizontal development, high investment, high risk and high return. Source of oil: Brush T16 map, which one you like, which brush you want to brush, recommend the brush, lead the elders, then the star sky elders back and forth brush. The brush map has the income of the stars, the elders, the abyss, the abyss, etc., and it is possible to identify the good equipment once. At the depth of 270~300, a T16 oil is only enough for you to take a step. That is to say, at this depth, the cost of taking one step is the cost of a T16, which is nearly 20 Chaos Orb. Therefore, the fossil’s money is not enough to watch. It takes only one step to make a holy or gold-plated one. The focus of this depth is to dig the Valry post and the abyss post. There are maps in these two points. A lot of T16 maps, luck is good to dig a post and the map of hundreds of C is normal. Digging into a piece of ancestral grave is basically the income of some Exalted Orb. Other BOSS, fossil point, what income is also very high, but it is very good luck to touch it. ——————————————————————————————————————— Then the fossil formula, I only said that I understand I am not necessarily the best solution, nor comprehensive. If you have better solutions or other good formulas, welcome to share ~~ stressed if you want to pursue DPS or armor, ES, before processing Re-processing with quality fossils. 1: High-injury weapon base 83 or more Imperial Claw or the type of weapon you need. First use the quality fossils to fill the quality, and then carry out the subsequent processing!!! First use the quality fossil to fill the quality, and then carry out the subsequent processing!!! First use the quality fossil to fill the quality, and then carry out the subsequent processing!!! Recipe: 4 holes, serrated + spike + tremor + corrosion This formula has a slight decrease in the probability of getting a good weapon after the revision. The reason is that the blood is treated as a physical attribute after the revision, and the poisoning is regarded as a chaotic attribute, so that the two types will not be before the revision. The added affixes will be added after the revision, thus crowding out the probability of other affixes appearing, but the impact is not too great. 2: Double additional weapons base 80 + star one-handed weapons, the type of card to choose what to choose, the fine sword is the most easy to double. Recipe: Multicolored + Sawtooth + Ether Ethernet is to reduce the probability of other affixes, it is recommended not to remove. 3: Spiritual shoes formula 1: binding + original, master running speed, meaning is not significant and dark gold spirit shoes what is the difference? The choice of salted fish. Formula 2: Tremor + Binding + Original + Lucky It is strongly recommended not to use 3 holes to make spiritual shoes. The tremor is so expensive. Since it is used, it will be on 4 holes, plus a lucky one to improve the suffix T, otherwise ROLL A twenty-three blood, +1 spirit, 10% running shoes, you cry no cry? 4: Elemental injury belt: Recipe: Multicolored + Life + Spike / Blaze / Ice Crack / Metallic Elemental injury, life bleeding volume, 3 element gemstones choose the type of element you need for your own BD. But I recommend using a spike tooth better, and the wolf tooth uses the probability of increasing the elemental damage, which is basically 10 times and 9 out.

5: Normalized belt: The base is more than 85 years old Leather Belt (can produce T1 resistance, can produce 60 strength), or more than 75 years old Leather Belt (selection of salted fish) formula 1: Pristine Fossil a direct point, the lowest cost, but In addition to the blood volume and blood volume recovery rate, there is no resistance, all the formula recovery speed 啥 formula 2: original + multicolored + (ether), high cost, easy bleeding volume + blood volume recovery rate + resistance Good luck suffix can also cause 30% elemental injury, but if you don’t add too much, it is easy to get into the elemental injury, add the original of the ether to double, choose the formula 3: original + multicolored + blazing, multicolored can suffix 30% element Injury, the flaming prefix can produce 30% fire damage, but there will be a lot of other affixes in the chaos, the probability of good properties will be lower, but the upper limit is very high, you can make a formula for the mirror normalized belt. The most ideal positive fire belt is naturally 99 blood + 10% maximum blood volume + 30% fire injury / 20% blood volume recovery rate + 30% elemental injury + T1 resistance / 60 strength, perfect true mirror, out can be copied 6: Normalized Gloves: According to the normal fire genre, choose ES or armor base, such as the Warriors I played, and selected Titan Gauntlets as the base. First quality fossils are full of quality. Recipe 1: Original Life + Seconds Back Formula 2: Original + Metal Life + Seconds Back + Lightning Resistance + Lightning Point Damage This formula is recommended, not expensive, and the benefits are many. For example, normalizing requires non-flame elements. The point of the injury triggers the element, and after the glove is solved, there is no need to worry about the necklace. For example, blood volume normalization will generally open 3 halo vitality + flame purification + Ice from Above purification, so lightning resistance needs to make up a supplement, here to make up, other places can be vacated for chaotic resistance. 7: Orthonormal shoes: go buy a enchantment and get a 2% second back for the next step, also first full quality. Recipe: tremor + original + lucky + multicolored blood + speed + second back + resistance 8: normal fire necklace: elder marble base, 75 or more, if there are more than 86, more expensive, the amount of force for the formula 1: original point bleeding The amount of +2% seconds back is successful, the other does not force the formula 2: original + multicolored / corrosive + (inflammation) corrosion shields a large number of affixes, side effects are not resistant affixes, but anyway, normalization does not lack resistance 9: Double-added necklace (starry base) formula: multicolored + sawtooth + (original) original release to reduce the double additional rate but high blood volume rate, do not add their own discretion 10: double attached necklace (elderly base) formula: distortion + blazing Inflammation + original range is large, random, very look at the face 11: output protein / alloy formula: multicolored + spike + blaze / ice crack / metal + (tremor) prefix attack elemental injury and point injury probability And the suffix is ​​easy to select the damage and resistance of the element, and the tremor is added to the attack speed, but the cost suddenly changes from 10C to nearly 2E…


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