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The APRG game “Path of Exile” developer Grinding Gear Games (hereinafter referred to as 3G) has repeatedly hinted that the game’s 4.0 update will be a super-large update, although the specific update is still unknown, but recently 3G studio director Chris Wilson said that they will announce specific details on the “Path of Exile Carnival” held in November this year, while the 4.0 version represents the game into the next generation, which will compete directly with Blizzard’s future Diablo 4.

Path of Exile using PoE Currency as the main economics system. The Currency includes: Orb of Fusing, Glassblower’s Bauble, Exalted Orb, etc.

“For us, the 4.0.0 expansion pack will compete with Diablo 4,” Chris Wilson said in an interview with foreign media PCgamesN. “Version 4.0 represents the next generation of ARPG games and will be a very significant update to Path of Exile. We will first announce some content on the ‘Path of Exile’, and players will be able to play earlier versions of this version. It will definitely make people very excited.”

The “Path of Exile Carnival” will be held on November 16th and 17th this year. But for the development of the 4.0 version of the game, it means that there will be about a year and a half. According to previous reports, we know that Blizzard has not launched a new work this year, and if Blizzard can launch “Diablo 4” by 2020, it will definitely be the…

Three strategies for mining:

1: I want to dig down 1500 layers to make sure that the power is forced to go.

2: The shallow horizontal development, low fuel consumption in the level of 69 ~ 70 or so, the cost of a few is 0, how much is earned. Source of oil: Brush T8 cloaked tomb collar Brush Tuonong The Doctor, T8 oil is enough to dig around 69~70 for a long time. The shallow brightness and dark resistance are very good, the monster thief is weak, and the path to find all kinds of fossils is like a stroll, the original, the ether, the colorful stone money, the holy and the gold is the money, the big money looks at the face. 3:83 or so, 270~300 horizontal development, high investment, high risk and high return. Source of oil: Brush T16 map, which one you like, which brush you want to brush, recommend the brush, lead the elders, then the star sky elders back and forth brush. The brush map has the income of the stars, the elders, the abyss, the abyss, etc., and it is possible to identify the good equipment once. At the depth of 270~300, a T16 oil is only enough for you to take a step. That is to say, at this depth, the cost of taking one step is the cost of a T16, which is nearly 20 Chaos Orb. Therefore, the fossil’s money is not enough…

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PoE Currency formula:

1. Multiple item recipes

a. Two gold items of the same name (not necessarily the same base items) can be exchanged for one chance

b. Three gold coins of the same name can be exchanged for one alchemy

2. Base item formula

a. The same base of the identified items white, blue, gold three sets can be replaced by an augmentation

b. The same base of unidentified items, white and blue gold can be exchanged for two augmentation

c. The same base has been identified 20% quality items white, blue, gold set can be changed to an alchemy

d. The same base of unidentified 20% quality items, white and blue gold can be exchanged for two alchemy

e. The same base of white gold - dark gold four-piece set can be exchanged for 5 chance (this is a very cost-effective way to deal with garbage dark gold)

3. Set recipes vary by item level

a set of 1-59 certified gold for 1 chance

b. A complete set of 1-59 unidentified gold for 2 chance

c. A complete set of 1-59 unidentified items are 20% gold for 3 chances

d. A complete set of 60-74 certified gold for 1 alchemy

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